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Security & Safety Risk Assessments

RISKiC experienced and licensed staff perform Security & Safety Risk Assessments (2) and then generate a Security Risk Management Plan. The objective of these reports is to ensure that people and property are protected, at both home and in the workplace.

A risk is the chance of something happening as a result of any hazard or threat which could directly impact on either property or a person’s safety & welfare. Risk arises out of uncertainty and is measured in terms of the likelihood of harm happening, and the consequences if it does.

Carrying out these Security & Safety Appraisals enables the accessor to evaluate clients’ current security & safety levels, and to identify any deficits. The recommendations from these reports support clients in making informed resource allocations plus tooling & security control implementation decisions.

Conducting an assessment is an integral part of an organization’s risk management process.

These documents include key recommendations that, if adopted, are designed to better manage, and ultimately mitigate risks identified, therefore providing peace of mind to management, homeowners, and staff alike.

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Security & Safety Audits

RISKiC experienced & licensed staff provide Security Scoping Documents (3) and perform Security Improvement Audits designed specifically for domestic, commercial, local government, educational and health sector clients.

This service is for those who wish to gain a better understanding of their current security & risk exposure, as well as their level of compliance based against current statutory requirements, AS/NZS industry standards, and similar industries best practices operating in today’s ever changing risk environments.

These reports would ensure understanding of all security and risk management documentation, processes, practices, and field operational procedures as well as compliance to relevant regulations.

Typical clients’ using these services includes Healthcare & Medical industries; Legal companies; Local Government Areas, namely local Councils; Vocational Education & Training (VET) providers also Business, Corporate & Commercial organisations.

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(3) A Scoping Report is a document which provides preliminary information on a project and its potential impacts.


Safety Plans

RISKiC experienced & licensed staff design & produce Safety & Security Plans (4) with the intention of identifying threats in and around the family home, and then offer a range of solutions that are specifically designed to minimise risks by providing a safer living environment to all occupants, that are often victims of crime.

“A safety plan is a list of ideas a client can do or have fitted within their home, all to improve their safety, and also what they can do if they feel in danger.”

Safety & Security Plans are provided more often to clients of Legal firms or Support Agencies that receive funding through recognised Victorian Government departments. These support services include the Victims Support Agency (VSA) plus Health and Human Services, Children and Family Services branch etc.

The RISKiC management team firmly stand by the premise that acts of aggression, violence, or coercive control over anyone is unacceptable, especially against women. These behaviours are NEVER acceptable, NEVER excusable, and NEVER tolerable… they are just NOT OK.

The RISKiC safety plan model adheres to the principle that “when women are supported to remain in their homes and communities, they are better able to maintain social support networks, employment and educational opportunities and stability of care for their children, all of which support them in their recovery.” (4)

When assessing and prioritising electronic and physical security solutions for each client, it is strongly recommended that all solutions be assessed on their own merits with consideration given to the overall contribution they each make in achieving the desired outcome of providing a safer living environment to the occupants.

To ensure safer living conditions are achievable, careful consideration is given to fittings or devices that may include upgraded perimeter protection, physical barriers, appropriate locking, managing electronic media, video evidence gathering, appropriate lighting, early warning devices and sometimes deterrents like a yappy dog, to name a few solutions.

RISKiC is qualified to request quotations to install nominated security solutions from licensed security industry suppliers, appraise proposals and then make recommendations based on factors that include the clients’ available budget and if systems proposed meet RISKiC identified security & safety needs, therefore are fit for purpose.  

SPECIAL NOTE: An effective safety plan is only one level of protection, especially for persons at extreme risk of violence. For those vulnerable persons who are able to remain in their homes, risk management options include the implementations of some, or all recommendations of an approved safety plan and this is only one part of an integrated, multi-agency response dealing with family violence.

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(4) NCRVWC, Time for action, op. cit. quoted in E Taylor and R Mackay, BSAFE pilot project 2007–2010 [final report], Women’s Health Goulburn Northeast, Wangaratta, 2011, viewed 5 September 2011.


Design Security Services & Solutions

RISKiC’s experienced & licensed staff design your electronic intruder, plant and duress alarm systems plus access control and video surveillance (CCTV) solutions, all specially designed to suit the homeowner or organisation’s budget, threat level and security needs.

The design process is achieved by initially reviewing building plan layouts and then gaining a better understanding of the safety and security needs from each client. Initial discussions with the occupants where possible are important, especially as they have the advantage of situational awareness.

To better understand the client’s specific security & safety needs, an onsite inspection is beneficial, however if a site inspection is not possible, then this can be achieved by inspecting the building plans or by viewing the property on Google Earth.

Listed is a summary of key supporting electronic solutions and physical services that can be included in each report, but not restricted to and is dependant of hazards identified.


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Vendor Selection Assistance

RISKiC’s experienced & licensed staff can assist its clients by coordinating, assessing, and reporting on a number of independent proposals and quotations for the supply of nominated security & safety solutions, these obtained from respected and licensed security industry providers.

This vendor selection process service is to ensure proposals supplied meet AS/NZS industry standards, provided appropriate protection recommendations in-line with RISKiC audits and risk assessments conducted for that site; and more importantly all submissions must be based on factors that include the clients’ available budgets and if systems proposed are fit for purpose.

Submissions from reputable independent providers can be for the supply of either physical security solutions, security manpower services and or the installation of electronic security & safety solutions. 

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